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Davidson-Davie Community College

Work with a Davidson-Davie Coach

Schedule an appointment or connect to an online meeting with a Davidson-Davie Coach. Subjects available for appointments (online and offline) with Davidson-Davie Coaches include:

  • Accounting
  • Chemistry
  • College Success
  • Math
  • Reading & Writing

Drop-in times are also available. Current in-person and online offerings are posted on the Learning Commons Moodle page.


Work with a ThinkingStorm Tutor

Live, drop-in and appointment-based support available in evenings, on weekends, and when Davidson-Davie Coaches are not available. ThinkingStorm live tutoring is available for the following subjects:

  • Math and Statistics (drop-in)
  • Science (drop-in)
  • Writing (by appointment)
  • Business (by appointment)
  • Nursing (by appointment)

Appointments are not required for drop-in tutoring subjects. Click below to get started with ThinkingStorm!