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Summer Programs

During the summer, ThinkingStorm helps students continue their learning process even though school is out for vacation. We continue to offer a variety of programs to ensure that your child is prepared for the upcoming school year.

Whether a student needs to retake a class, get ahead in a subject area or review old material, ThinkingStorm can provide the type of personalized attention and flexible scheduling needed to make summer vacation both educational and enjoyable.

Summer StudyCoach
For students who are taking math and science summer school classes, ThinkingStorm offers expert tutoring that is both convenient and affordable. With Summer StudyCoach, students get the one-on-one help they need to work through tough assignments and prepare for the big, end of summer test.

Students can schedule regular sessions with the same tutor, whether it’s each week, twice a week, or everyday. That way, each tutor gets to know their student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning style, so each session can maximize academic improvement. Summer StudyCoach makes summer school a lot easier by providing an expert, dependable tutor who helps along the road to summer success.

Summer Bridge Program
For students who want to start the next school year on solid footing, a personalized Summer Bridge program is a great option. With a customized plan, we can introduce students to the concepts they'll face next year in their tougher classes, or revisit the challenging concepts from previous courses. Our bridge programs can also be designed to help a student strengthen specific skill areas, such as solving equations or graphing functions.

Summer SkillBuilder
Our Summer SkillBuilder program is designed for K-12 students who are looking to improve basic learning skills in math and science. Our comprehensive skills development software first assesses students' strengths and weaknesses and then provides a 'prescription,' or set of tailored assignments for improvement.

Students receive personalized instruction from our expert online tutors. And, with flexible scheduling, our program provides an excellent opportunity for students to dramatically improve fundamental skills before returning to school.

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